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If you took your son or daugh­ter in the night to a doctor because if high fever and the doctor declares an injection against malaria, would you not wonder whether the doctor is a quack or not?

Don’t you think that the doc­tor should have done a blood test before prescription hence determining if it is malaria or typhoid?

Likewise, in education, what would you be looking forward to teaching someone if you do not know what the person can learn and what the person will never learn?

Don’t we all know about those who used to be beaten sense­less in school because they could not grasp Mathematics yet these students are the ones that would slip out if school and start primitive television stations within the estates that would eventually interfere with normal airwaves?

How about those who made air crafts using old car engines and tried flying something yet the governments in Africa came hard on them as risk haz­ards to peace and stability?