In order for a candidate to know the correct method of assessment (hence examining body), a Gift and Talent Test is necessary to provide information on the correct learning and assessment styles. Some people can write exams while others understand and can practically implement. Others just know “how to make things” and claim that they can “always do it from the heart”.

Those who cannot “memorise and recall”, will prefer project-based method of assessment OR “NON-Verbal Assessment Methods” hence will choose examiners that are project based or Non-Verbal and Achievement based.

There are, thus, many examining bodies and a student chooses the examining body based on Professionally Assessed, Recommended and Confirmed “best learning and assessment style”.

We provide the learning using this unique model of education and different examining bodies have agreed with us to provide external assessment.

There are 3 methods of assessment depending on the Learning Prescription provided at the time of admission:

  1. Practical Project-Based
  2. Nonverbal Assessment
  3. Traditional Written Examinations


After an assessment, a candidate will be issued with a Certificate as testimony of talent, knowledge or skills gained through the learning process.


The Examiner is selected based on Assessment Method but must be recognized and accredited. For universities, they must be accredited and listed by UNESCO to ensure international acceptance.

At the time of admission , you will be notified of possible examiners based on your known learning and product styles depicted by the Gift and Talent Assessment or Life/Work Experience Evaluation.