The major outcome of Talent Based Education is that learners should achieve beyond expectation and produce life changing solutions to problems facing mankind and the world in general.

This may be possible at tender ages, in difficult circumstances or in adulthood without formal academic prowess. Thus it may be possible that a young person at 10 may already have discovered a lamp that lights for 62 days non-stop by mixing special rocks in Africa while a jailed youth may discover the technology of hacking bank accounts without talking with bank officials or walking into a bank. An old banker who never got a diploma may have accumulated a lot of work and life experience coupled with natural talent (also known as mature talent) to start a micro-finance enterprise that will bring change to rural folks in terms of banking services.

Such learners bring out the true graduates of our system and have done Talent-Oriented Research derived from Talent Challenges in the form of focused projects hence bringing solutions. Top international universities are seeking such people and successful ones enter their Books of Fame and become Fellows of Prestige and awarded for their achievement at international levels.

The GATES Education provides pathways to Fellowships and Hall of Fame programmes to students who demonstrate high ability in real world irrespective of traditional school grades, age or socio-economic status.