Virtual School

About this Programme

The invention of computers over the last century could have been expected to bring serious revolution in business and scientific progress.

Indeed over the last 30 years after the arrival of internet technology, there has been a total overhaul and this has had serious impact on how businesses and scientific research are conducted.

The education sector, though, remained behind struggling with “jargon connections” while losing the pedagogic and / or cognitive connections as well.

Priding on over 30 years experience on the digital platform, The GATES Education Group (US based organization) are pleased to break bigger grounds by unveiling the classroom wherever you are in the full practical sense.

This is the GATES Virtual Class.

The Rationale for this programme

After a Gift and Talent Assessment or evaluation of your Work and Life Achievement, how then do you learn after registering for the course, under the TBL Model?

Must you attend class? How flexible can it be with current technology?

How do you ensure that your learning is completed in the shortest time possible, based on inherent ability (talent), while maintaining the same quality at national and international level?

This is where Progress with a Process comes in.

The programme follows the Professional Prescription given and is thus ideal for middle level to senior managers who may not have the time to attend classes during fixed timings (whether evening or weekends)

Who is it for?

  • Convenient to those working odd hours or limited by geographical distance
  • Adults not wishing to attend classes with their juniors
  • Fast learners who do not wish to be slowed by traditional class setting as the programme allows fast track learning through acceleration
Key features of this programme
  • This is not the online or digital stuff you have been hearing from starters in digital education. It is full face to face lecture in which you see, hear and interact with the lecturer and other students, however far they may be. This is the complete revolution in the digital education in which you will be “in class”, “ask questions” and “get answers” as though you were there physically. Thus it is not a platform for downloading notes.
  • With 33 international universities connected to this platform, you are able to log into a “live” lecture session of these universities “real time” and learn without geographical barriers, for any course you are registered in. You will therefore have access to a class being taught by top international professors without paying much while ensuring your convenience and privacy.
  • You are assured of quality as you will be admitted and learn from top international universities and professors ; you will also receive bachelors or masters or doctoral degrees from such recognized and renowned international universities
  • You will not feel intimidated or embarrassed being in class with your juniors and you can make mistakes and be corrected in private